It’s understandable if you want to add pizzazz to your kitchen and make it look great. However, designers have pointed out that while it is advisable to add your own personal touches on the decoration, it is still best to know when to crank those creative juices up, and also, know when to stop.

  • Do: Have one, fun element. Designer Nick De Giulio says, “The best kitchens have a soul or spirit that’s warm, inviting and personal.” Adding a personal touch is one way of maintaining a friendly, inviting atmosphere.

  • Don’t: Overdo. Know when to stop. Let’s say you want an oriental, Asian-inspired kitchen: it is enough to adorn it with the accepted color palette of red, gold or yellow and paper-shroud lamps, but adding some dragon-inspired accents or even an antique suit of armor is just too much.

  • Do: Use vertical space. For small kitchens, it is advised to stack up cabinets and keep the floor area usable for people to move about easily.

  • Don’t: Use poor quality furnishings. No one would like their kitchen counter’s doors coming off the hinges after being installed only for a week.

  • Do: Leave space to breathe. People often tend to clog their floor spaces by overdoing on storage, which is wrong. A kitchen you can move in is what matters most.

Thinking of a full-scale renovation? Keeping these simple tips in mind is a great start for a balanced, functional and livable kitchen space.

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