According to a Zillow Digs Home Design Trend report, kitchen remodeling will be one of the top priority projects for 2014, and adaptability and convenience are amongst the most important factors for a successful kitchen design. Here are some kitchen design trends that will surely be popular this 2014:

Black Counters

For 2014, it is predicted that homeowners will want to add more sophistication to their kitchen, and will be able to achieve this by adding black kitchen counters. In order to make this new look a success, choose materials such as black granite and quartz. These black countertops will most probably be partnered with a lighter counter like light gray to make it contrast.

Advanced Technology

State-of-the-art appliances have become very popular in kitchens. Such appliances include built-in espresso machines, infrared broilers, and touch-activated faucets, which are gaining more popularity because of the convenience they provide. Appliance finishes that match with the cabinetry are also gaining popularity.

Open Shelves and Glass-front Cabinets

Since the kitchen is one place where family and friends gather, an increasingly popular trend is the displaying of kitchen wares. This is because presentation is becoming more and more trendy for homeowners, hence why they'll choose to display all kinds of kitchen odds and ends, from dishes and pots to vinegars and gourmet oils.

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