When redesigning and rebuilding a bathroom, home remodeling contractors use top-quality products and create custom designs that prioritize functionality and beauty. To achieve a maximum return on investment during your remodel, it is vital to hire contractors that put a premium on your design and construction requirements. Here are specific tips to help you out:

Owners of mid-range houses with 5-by-7-foot bathrooms can pattern their remodeling projects on ideas provided in Hanley Wood, LLC's 2009-10 Remodeling Cost vs Value Report, which details sample upgrades that yielded impressive returns. According to the report, to improve their bathroom's style, homeowners can look into installing ceramic tile flooring, vinyl wallpaper, a vanity counter with a solid surface and integral sink, and a recessed medicine cabinet complete with light installations.

On the other hand, owners of upscale residences can have their 35-square-foot bathrooms expanded by up to 100 square feet within the existing house layout. Fixtures would only need to be relocated, or even replaced, possibly with a 42-by-42-inch neo-angle shower, or a recessed shower. Such an upgrade will amount to $52,586 and equate to a resale value of $33,560, for a cost recoup of 63.8%.

Home improvement projects involve serious amounts of money and homeowners should find the qualified contractors who can provide cost-efficient ideas and services for an exceptional return on investment. Remodeling contractors specialize in certified home improvement solutions that may also include roofing repairs and replacements. Some also offer energy-efficient replacement windows and attic insulation.

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