For many people, there’s nothing quite like the classics. These people are typically the ones with homes that look like time portals – plain and modern from the outside, but full of nostalgia and wonders of history inside. If you are one of these people, you definitely need to check out these ways to turn your kitchen vintage.

What is Vintage?

First, a little definition – essentially, vintage is defined in contemporary design as those prevalent in the period between the 1930s to the 1950s. Essentially, this entails WWII and post-war decorations and building styles.

Kitchen Accessories

You won’t really have a hard time finding vintage kitchen accessories like cookwares, coffee makers, and silverware, among others. You can typically recognize vintage accessories like this thanks to their “ 50s space age” design and flashy, bright colors like yellow, orange, and red.


What better way to transport your kitchen to the future than by using traditional vintage paintings, sculptures, and other artworks within that time period? The 50s was typically known for impressionistic art and vintage newspaper advertising and political posters that became dominant throughout WWII.


Two words: polka dots. Of all the vintage pattern design, this is perhaps the most popular, and will surely take your family and guests back into a simpler time where multi-colored spots were all the rage in everything from walls to clothes.

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