The efficiency of a home can be increased by remodeling at least its major parts. Maximizing available space for the new design is one way to achieve this. With most remodeling companies’ comprehensive approach, they conduct consultations with their clients to find out their specific needs and requirements for their kitchen. They also ensure that every detail agreed upon in the planning stage will be met and delivered.

As proof of how upgrading kitchens can increase the overall value of houses, the 2009-10 Remodeling Cost vs Value Report by a reliable remodeling company gives an example of mid-range homes that benefited from such a remodeling project. The report features upgrades for a 200-square-foot kitchen, where old cabinet boxes were retained, even if their fronts were replaced with raised-panel wood doors and drawers. Moreover, new energy-efficient ovens and cook tops, mid-priced sinks and faucets, and repainted trims and flooring were also included.

Meanwhile, work on an upscale kitchen of the same size, which had 30 linear feet of semi-custom wood cabinets, 3-by-5-foot island additions, laminated countertops, and double-tub stainless steel sinks, was estimated to cost around $111,818. It also had a resale value of $74,054, yielding a 66.2% recoup rate.

Since renovating kitchens entails a significant amount of money, it is vital for homeowners to find an experienced contractor who can facilitate the upgrades accordingly. Local contractors combine their expertise in home improvement with the use of quality products and materials to provide top-notch kitchen remodeling.

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