You have finally decided to remodel your bathroom for your comfort, as well as a higher home value should you decide to sell it. You start browsing through available options that can make your bathrooms look and perform better, and one of the things you consider is the bathtub.

There are a lot of bathtub materials out there in the market that promises great comfort and value for your money. One of the leading materials out there that you should consider buying has to be acrylic. This plastic is popular among American households for several reasons:

Heat retention

Cast iron and porcelain-coated steel bathtubs tend to get cold quickly, which does not make for a pleasurable bathing experience. Acrylics don’t get cold as quickly as other materials, and help keep the water warm for a long period of time, allowing you to have some time to enjoy the water.

Easy to clean

Acrylic is nonporous, therefore dirt, grime, and mildew that one can commonly find in other bathtubs are almost impossible to find in an acrylic bathtub. Its low maintenance properties are highlighted further by its easy cleaning process: a spray of cleaner and a few wipes from a trusty rag.

Easy installation

Acrylic is extremely easy to install, which makes it a popular option for new construction projects and remodeling work. If the acrylic bathtub is properly installed and supported, it can serve the bathroom for a very long time.

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