Mold is one of the more pervading issues that arise when remodeling a bathroom. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, sufficient evidence links mold to coughing and other respiratory problems in people who are otherwise healthy.

Mold is sure to be present since bathrooms are often exposed to moisture because of the presence of water fixtures. It often appears as black spots on a wall above the baseboard, or as a patch of drywall that appears wet – even when the bathroom is not in use. Although mold is mostly black, it can also be colored green or white with the appearance of a fuzzy carpet.

Usually, mold gives off a musty odor even when it is not readily visible anywhere in the bathroom. A way to check for mold growth is to open up the drywall – which might become part of the remodeling work anyway. It grows by using any semblance of water nearby and the paper fibers on the drywall for food.

Unchecked, mold can grow at increased rates given its moist environment. Before proceeding with the bathroom remodeling, a mold remediation company should step in to eliminate the growth. Otherwise, the growth can spread to other parts of the home.

The sooner mold growth is found, the sooner it can be eliminated, and the sooner the remodeling work can start or resume.

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A person may think he or she is taking all the necessary precautions to have a strong, healthy body—- eating right, getting plenty of rest, drinking a lot of water, exercising, and/or taking vitamins.

HOWEVER, IF A PERSON HAS AN EXPOSURE TO INDOOR MOLD GROWTH….. AT HOME, WORK, OR SCHOOL …… this can result in adverse health symptoms.

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There is no doubt in the fact that water is the main focus of the bathroom. But it is also true that it is the leading cause of damage there. No matter how well an individual takes care of his bathroom, but over the time there will be water damage. In this particular context I would like to tell that mold is one the most common problem in the bathroom. Fox ex: suppose a situation is like this. There is a very tiny leak present in the toilet tank but the main fact is that if it remains unnoticed then it can lead to mold issue in the bathroom. There are several reasons behind mold problems but I think whatever may be the cause one needs to give some attention especially at the time of his bathroom remodeling. Well, if someone will take my opinion then I can say that he should take the help of a professional contractor both for remodeling and fixing mold issues. Thank you.


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