A 2009-10 Cost vs Value Report by Hanley Wood LLC states how insulated, low-E, vinyl windows are beneficial for mid-range houses. The report indicated an average of $10,156 in remodeling costs with a resale value of $8,355, for a mid-range house that featured vinyl windows as well as additional design touches. This translates into an 82.3% recoup rate.

Other homeowners, on the other hand, can opt for insulated vinyl windows to replace existing double-hung types. Installing these upscale windows, which feature exterior trims wrapped to match the older ones and the old interior trims, are said to cost $13,263 as well as have a resale value of $10,875, for an 82% recoup rate.

Windows are an integral part of any house as they help regulate indoor temperature, protect homes from the elements, and increase curb appeal. With many different product types available today, it is essential to find a contractor that specializes in window replacement and the nearby areas. Such a professional can help a homeowner determine which type best suits a home. They also provide energy-efficient window options that match different home styles and accentuate existing designs and architecture, with the help of their experienced and certified staff who can install these with the utmost regard for workmanship.
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